Ricky Mujica

Hi! This is just a temporary page until I get to actually putting my site together :)

"Boston" watercolor   "Botanical Gardens" watercolor  
"JP" watercolor
  "Field in Germany" watercolor   "San Francisco Fog" watercolor
    "Dallas Pexton" watercolor  
  "Laguna Beach" watercolor    
"Espresso in Starlight Express" oil   "Cherry 7-up" oil   "Linda" oil   "Laura" oil   "My Uncle Joe" oil
"Maru" oil       "Self Portrait after a night of Skating" oil       "Volta in Stalight Express" oil
Traditional Illustration
"Call it Courage" oil   "Illustration for German Poem" Ink   "Defenders" oil   "Medeivel Parade" charcoal   "Breaking Camp" oil
        Mural for Sony Theaters (Atlanta) 40'x12'        
Digital Matte
    "Matte paintingl" photoshop       Matte painting photoshop    
Digital 2D and 3D
"Captive Bride" maya, photoshop   "Silver Angle" maya, photoshop   "Lipstick" Cinema 4D v.6   "Commercial Plates" cinema 4D v.6   "Coup d'Etat cover" images only, maya
"Hater concept" maya photoshop   for children's book cinema 4D v.6   "Dave Chapelle" maya photoshop   "Heather" mudbox photoshop   "Heather" mudbox
"Me" mudbox   "Me" mudbox   "Base for painting" mudbox, maya   "Fighter" mudbox   "Fighter" mudbox